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Boots Classic nbsp;leather Taupe L’autre Ankle Chose Lining wYtt6 Boots Classic nbsp;leather Taupe L’autre Ankle Chose Lining wYtt6 Boots Classic nbsp;leather Taupe L’autre Ankle Chose Lining wYtt6 Boots Classic nbsp;leather Taupe L’autre Ankle Chose Lining wYtt6 Boots Classic nbsp;leather Taupe L’autre Ankle Chose Lining wYtt6 Boots Classic nbsp;leather Taupe L’autre Ankle Chose Lining wYtt6 Boots Classic nbsp;leather Taupe L’autre Ankle Chose Lining wYtt6


The Current State of Sourcing and Preparing Creative Assets for Video Campaigns

See how the rapidly growing disconnect between the creative asset and media fulfillment process is negatively impacting campaigns.

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Lining Taupe Chose L’autre Boots nbsp;leather Classic Ankle

Creative Lives in the Ad CloudMedia companies of all types power their video campaigns from the Ad Cloud.

Ads in the Ad Cloud, ready for anything.

Whether you need easy-to-use software at your fingertips or fully managed service, our technology and teams exist to help you be more successful.

Your ads work harder, but you won’t.

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One Easy Workflow for TV and Video Ads.

Designing the perfect media strategy is complex and challenging. Executing your strategy doesn’t need to be.

We felt your pain so we cured it.

Talent & Rights Compliance Wherever Ads Play.

Today, brands need to tell their stories on many screens. Talent managers should never worry about where they roam.

Your working budgets will thank us.

L’autre Ankle Chose Lining Boots nbsp;leather Taupe Classic

Everything is better in the stream. Join the revolution.

See how streaming video creative from its source — instead of sending files around — alleviates serious pain. It’ll be the easiest revolution you ever joined and there are no losers.

If you touch the ad, get in touch with us.

No matter where teams sit, with Extreme Reach they all work in the same place. That’s altogether better for the ads, the advertiser and, well, everyone.

Forget a village, it takes a metropolis.
Breathe easy knowing all your various teams, inside and out, are in one workflow platform.
That includes the 800+ humans at Extreme Reach who come to work every day (and night) to make sure everyone is successful.
You’re very protective of your ad. So are we.
You just spent hours on set and in the edit suite. Smile knowing your gem will play in pristine quality everywhere. And never get another angry call from the client when that masterpiece runs out of compliance and costs you dearly.
Don’t sweat the process stuff. That’s our job.
Spend your time, energy and brain power on strategy, planning, buying and smooth operations. Hold us accountable for powering your execution.
You uploaded perfection. We’ll keep it that way.
When that final master hits our Video Asset Cloud, our technology and teams instantly QC, triple check and get in touch if there's even a tiny imperfection. Upload, exhale and get some much needed sleep.
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You don’t demand much. Just everything.
With Extreme Reach, you get instant and perfect delivery of SD and HD ads and all their instructions.
The campaign starts as planned, ads play perfectly and you go home on time.
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You won the business! Don’t lose your sanity.
Classic Chose Lining Boots L’autre nbsp;leather Ankle Taupe
Make sure your site is connected to our video ad server. If you're a DSP or video ad server, make winning business fun again-- skip the messy asset scavenger hunt and get a programming key to our Video Asset API.
Never heard of us? That makes us smile.

We’ve always fancied ourselves your teams’ secret weapon. Ask them about us and we won’t be so secret anymore. For 8+ years, we've been powering thousands of platform users. Now we bring new value to the enterprise too.

Pay the Talent, Not the Piper.

Ads go everywhere now. That means the Talent & Rights compliance game is 1,000x harder and the stakes are millions of dollars higher. We invented the TRUST Tag™ to keep you in the know and in the black.

Our API makes a crazy business a little less so.

With our groundbreaking Video Asset API, programmatic Video and TV campaigns really do start on time and move at light-speed. Don’t waste days or weeks chasing down the creative. It’s been here all along.

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Keep tabs on the converging worlds of TV, Video and Talent. 

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Material & care

Upper material: Suede

Lining: Leather

Insole: Leather

Sole: Synthetics/leather

Padding type: Cold padding

Care instructions: Treat with a suitable protector before wear


Shoe tip: Round

Heel type: Block heel

Shoe fastener: Zip

Pattern: Plain

Article number: LA911N012-B11

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